Below are a selection of diagrams illustrating the step by step Rig Assembly process.
Step 1
Reinforcement starter bars must be between a minimum of 1.2m and a maximum of 1.8m in height.

Lacing bars must be fitted before the erection of the slipform rig can begin.

Step 2
The panels are clipped together and positioned according to wall lines on the base slab.

Step 3
The top frames are added and can be used to give taper to both sides of the shutter, the panels are then braced, fixing them in position.

Step 4
The pre assembled yoke frames are positioned and fixed to the sides of the shutter at both waling levels.

Step 5
The working deck is made up of 4”x4” timbers fixed into the tops of the top frames and 9”x2” boards spanning between the top frames.

Step 6
With the working deck fitted the top deck can be assembled.

The top deck is made up of primary and secondary 5”x4” timber beams and 9”x2” boards.

Step 7
The hydraulic jacking units are fitted at every lifting point and climbing tubes lowered down through them from the top deck.

Once the hydraulics have been tested the rig is ready to slide.

Step 8
Once the slide has reach a sufficient height the hanging scaffold frames are connected and decked out.

Step 9
Typical section.

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